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Related post: Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 01:34:31 +0000 (GMT) From: Earthsea Subject: Rich Uncle Tim's shocking 3d top list CockWhat you are about to toplist ls read is complete fiction. The soft thumping noise only expensive Mercs makes as you hardcore toplist forbidden close the door. Footsteps crunching over gravel. Wind rattled leaves with bird chirping around the drive. These were the sounds that I heard teen toplist 12yo old when I entered my uncle's mansion. This wasn't just an cp nude top list ordinary mansion. The guy who owns it was extremely wealthy and this was his family's "home". Not like the other houses spread through out the world, so there was a big budget with buying it.It had three floors, each floor was quite tall. Old grey stone partially covered in climber gave the rich, heritage look. Tall trees extended everywhere on the rolling grounds property. Large fences bordered all the green spots for grazing horses.Tim, my uncle, was ahead of me, leading naked toplist the way to the front door. He looked back smiling and asked"Everything child clips toplist ok?""Yep, I m good" I replied smiling back.Around the corner and under a stone arch, and I saw the front door. I heard the sound of thumping hooves. Turning I saw a stallion galloping toward a standing mare. elwebb top list Both my uncle Tim and I stopped."Finally!" uncle Tim said in an exasperated tone, "I've been waiting three days for him to mate her"The stallion came to a stop and rounded towards the mare, his cock was hanging so low and long! I've only ever seen horses cocks a few times in my life and toplist illegal childrens I get shocked ever time. I glanced over to uncle Tim; there was a proud satisfied grin on his face. He was 50 and had russian child toplist very little hair left on his head, but it suited him like it does with most old men.The stallion made two attempts teenie movies toplist before he successfully mounted the mare. He started humping her hard. I was feeling uncomfortable, like even though they were animals, it was still sex, but when I looked to uncle Tim, he held a straight face, so I tried pregnant toplist not look like I was uncomfortable then."Do you know how to ride John?" uncle Tim asked.I was illigal nude toplist staring at the horse going at it, with my mouth half opened "Wha -- oh yeah -- yeah I know how to ride""Do you wanna go tomorrow morning?"Oh, top list porno yeah, sure, that'd be great"With that uncle Tim turned his back on the humping stallion and opened the front russian teenporn toplist door. Inside the hallway automatically lit up reflecting off the bright marble. At the end there was a curving stairs with wide, shallow steps.Uncle Tim walked past the stairs and I followed him into the kitchen. I let me stuff down beside the worktop. Uncle Tim threw the keys on the worktop and strolled toward the door leading to a lounge.He turned and said "John, would you mind fixing me up a cup of tea, that drive from the airport collecting you has drain me and I couldn't face walking around this place getting it?""Yeah, of course, don't worry about ls teen toplist it, maxwells teen top list go on in and I'll being it in to you when its ready""Thanks" he said grinning ls top list nude and walked into the lounge closing the door after him.I went over to the kettle and filled it up with petite girls toplist water, then placed it in the cradle. I started rooting through the cupboards looking for snack for us and I saw a note left by Monica, uncle Tim's wife."Tim, Sorry we missed you this morning while you teenz toplist nude beach toplist went to collect John. Sandra's car broke down, so the kids and I had to collect her. We had to leave the house early. I'll see ya in 2 weeks. Jessica said she hates you for making her go to New York, so Tim, make sure you get her a little present for when she gets back. Take care, my love! Monica"I picked up top list naturist pubescent the note and placed it on the tray I was gonna bring into uncle Tim with our tea. God Jessica was so spoiled; she didn't even know how lucky she was.I finished preparing the nude teens tgp toplists tea and loaded everything onto the tray. I walked over to the lounge animated incest art toplist door in the kitchen and uncle Tim cartoon incest toplist was sitting with his back to me, topless. Which was strange, I stood there for a second and he turned."The air conditioning is broken John" uncle Tim made a fanning action with his hand and smiledI laughed and went back to get the tray. When I walked up to the illegal top list couch he was sitting on I saw uncle Tim completely NAKED! Oh my god! I nearly dropped the tray, he glanced up from a magazine on his lap and I tried to recover my toplist teeny fuck cool. I set the tray down on the table and sat incest top list opposite uncle Tim.Oh uncle Tim, hair covered most of his body, his body, it lay across the couch with his cock hanging down. And there was a lot of sex top list it to hang down. It was uncut and to long and thick. Since he was my uncle, my dick was similar in shape, but I was 16 and it was still growing.Wild hair grew around his crotch kiddy cp toplist area and his big balls teen nude top list slung over teen top list xxx his leg, resting beside the big cock. Uncle Tim had extreme porn top lists a bit of a beer belly and wasn't the fit but man chillporn toplist was he all man. I was totally turned on.He kept reading df toplist sample video for a few more seconds and finished, shifting his body to reach for the tea."Hey this tastes good, thanks John"No Problem"He looked over at me and said "I took tiny teen toplist off all my clothes cause the air conditioning is gone and everyone is gone, just you cp toplist turk and me. So we can walk around naked, with no girls around" uncle Tim paused "is that ok with you John""Oh yeah, its grand" I said trying to sound like it was no big deal but I was cursing myself cause my voice croaked. Trying to appear more relaxed I slouched backwards."You can take off you clothes too"I said nothing, like kidsporn toplist oh my god! I was just thinking about spending two weeks with no clothes on."C'mon, you don't teen incest top list need to be nervous, we're both the same. Its cool, we're guys""Yeah... yeah... ok... umm... where will I put my clothes then" Oh my god, adrenalin was beginning to pump around my stomach, this was too hot!"Leave'em over there by toplist 100 tiny the door" and with that said he went back to reading his magazine.I got up awkwardly and made my way over. I toplist incest pics flicked off my shoes and torn my shirt over my head. My body wasn't athlete or anything but it wasn't blobby either. I opened the top of my jeans and ripped the down. Shit, my cock was semi-hard; kid top list porn I could see it trying to break through my underwear.I closed my eyes and took three deep breaths and blanked out my mind. OK it was sorta going smaller. I pulled down my under wear and padded nude boys toplist back to the couch.Uncle Tim looked up at me and toplists teen sex smiled "See, there, you're just like me, hung like a horse"Wow, I was gob nude child toplist smacked. MY uncle Tim just made a remark about my cock! I started feeling that sensation in my cock again, it was porn cartoon toplist getting hard again.Tim looked at my cock again and said, "Hey that's ok, he's just not used of being out in the open, he wants to get out and enjoy the fresh air"OK cool, uncle Tim was cool with my cock being hard. I sat back down and drank some tea and munched on some biscuits."Uncle Tim, Monica left a note for you on the counter" I picked it up off the tray and handed it to top list kds tgp him and he clasped my hand and held it for three full seconds with a firm grip. Then teenage photo top list he took the xxx russia toplist note and read through it. "OK, that's fine, now lets not talk about the girls no more, this is one of the rare break I get from them""Yea, OK""So John, what do you think you cp toplist kds gonna do for college?""Umm, I free movie toplist wanna write books when I finish college" oh my god, he kept glancing down at my cock, which wasn't getting any softer! "I already got some short stories published exotic pearls toplist on the net""Oh really, that great, I have some friends in a published firm. They could maybe preeten nude top list take toplist teensex you on when you finish""Cool, that would sexy teen toplist be awesome"Uncle Tim picked back up his magazine and lay back down on the couch reading it.I couldn't stop staring at his cock. It was so big and soft, with thick veins rimming it. This was too much."Uncle Tim, do you mind if I go outside by the front, its pretty hot here and I wanna cool off under a tree or something"."Yep, off you go" he said without even looking away from the magazine.I stood up with my cock rigid and walked out to the hallway with it swinging top list anime sex side to side. I opened the front door and sat down on the steps. The stallion was walking around with its cock swinging around the place.I lay down on the ground with my eye closed and relaxed. Cool breezes sweep along my body and hit the trees pantyhose schoolgirl toplists with a soothing top list nude teen noise. cherry angels toplist It was so weird feeling the sun heat up my whole body, but it felt real good, especially when the breezes hit my pubs around my cock, they gently moved them about and soon my cock went limp again.I lay the for maybe 10 minutes when I heard the door open, I didn't bother looking to see who it was."Hey John, you ls magazine toplist wanna play some snooker?"I open my eyes and uncle Tim was right next to be and from my point of view his big cock was below his face."Yeah ok, preeten top list but I don't know the rules, you'll have to teach me it""That's ok, we got two week here" he turned and walked inside "I'll make you a pro"I followed him as he led the way to the snooker room. Despite being 50 uncle Tim's ass was firm and gently moved with each stride. My cock started getting hard again so I looked away. As he set up the tables and balls, he told me some of the more basic rules. The table was huge, and it wasn't what I was used to when I played pool.While playing the game, I caught uncle Tim looking at my semi-hard cock and his eyes just went back up to my eyes and stared for about a second, then continued playing the game.He caught me a few times too but I didn't have the balls to stare back into his face. I was way to nervous for that. I toplist dojin didn't want him to think I was gay or anything.One particular shot confused me and I didn't know which way to approach hitting the ball. Uncle Tim picked up something that had an X at the end of a large stick and placed it on the table."Here, go with me on this" his hands went on the sides on my stomach and moved me into position. Oh this physical contact made my cock jump to attention and rock hard too.Once in front of the stick he grabbed my stick and put it under my armpit, then push me forward. Placing the stick on the X uncle Tim asked me to start aim. Up until now he was standing behind me. But now he pushed onto of me! Body to body and proceeded to aim my stick. I could feel his cock rest between my crack and his pubs caress top list sites kds me ass.All our body was touch as he leaned onto of free boys toplist me. His body was so asia top list sex warm onto of my back.He mainly did the aiming and pushing of the stick cause I could aim very well.After that shot the game ended pretty quickly, uncle Tim, was much more aggressive in taking shots, like he was impatient to be somewhere."Lets go up to the back garden and catch some rays. I never get to do that naked when the girls are around""Yep, OK" was all I could say.We lay down on the deck chairs in the back garden, which was private with high old stonewalls."Oh I forgot, be back on 1 minute" uncle Tim got up and walked into the kitchen. Watching his body with his back turned to me, I was freely allowed to drool over it. Again my dick was rock hard, but I wasn't freaked out about it now more. I heard uncle Tim walking child toplists russian back.I looked toplist boy sex at him staring at my dick and chill porn toplists he said, "Sun lotion, nonude secret toplist would you mind?" holding it toward me."No, lie down there so" Oh man, how hot is this.Uncle Tim lay down on the deck chair with his ass facing the sky! His whole body was shining in sweat.I pour some lotion onto my hand and warmed it up, then rubbed it down his back. It was tanned and seeing white stuff on his skin and the emotions I was feeling made it unbearable to start pulling my cock. I pass his ass out and worked his legs. When I was nearly finish he said "Since we're doing this in the nude, we need protection everywhere, including my ass""Oh, ok" I said trying to sound cool but man this was so awkward! I rubbed my hands around his firm ass and worked a little in the crack. Then with no warning he turned his whole body around and indicated me to do this real teens nudist toplist side now!OK this was weird, like he could reach this part of his body with no problem. He saw me pause and said "do you mind John, I am sorry but I m so tired and it would be a real treat, like a massage""Oh ok" I said again and started this time on his legs. I passed out his crotch and worked his torso. His eyes were closed but I couldn't help empire girls toplist but feel him staring at my cock through the bottom of his eyes.Like hello, how gay was this! Me with a asians toplist rock hard cock, massaging my greased up uncle Tim!Uncle Tim coughed and said "John if your ever gonna write a truly good teen sex movie toplist book, you need to be 100% sexy teenz top lists in your work, no let up and be consistent in every chapter you write. So could you be 100% and do my penis as well"I was so shocked now, that all I did was pour some lotion onto my hand and started warming the lotion. I couldn't even think what to say or even think clearly what to think! So I went down to his cock and put it between my hands and rubbed toons mpg toplist the lotion on.I felt so good in my hands that I wasn't nervous any long and illegal russian sex toplist kept going, just enjoying what I was doing. His cock teen asia toplist was getting semi-hard now and the skin was so soft in my hands. His head rolled to the side and groaned."OK" uncle Tim said, "now it's my turn to do you"I was disappointed to pull my hand away, 14 yo nude toplist especially now that I was more malyshok toplist relaxed and enjoying myself a lot more. I lay face down on the deck kds porn top list chair and had to move several times to get comfortable with my raging cock.I heard a squirting noise and then big firm preten top list but gentle hands rubbed back, up and down in smooth motions. After about toplist gallery petit teen two minutes He moved onto my legs and rubbed lotion into them. Oh top list children nude this was so cool, and it felt so good, but my cock was raging for some satisfaction!Then suddenly uncle Tim's hands went to my ass and worked them. But unlike me barely touch his ass crack uncle Tim hand went right in the moving up and down for like twenty seconds. My eyes rolled upwards, this was heaven and hell, I felt so good and aroused but could do nothing to sate my raging exposed angel toplist hard cock.Then Uncle Tim asked me to turn around; pre-cum had already moistened the head of my cock. And it felt so good, when I opened my eyes up uncle Tim was standing over me with his HARD cock hovering above sister nude pics toplist my face. He leaned over and started rape toplist rubbing lotion onto my hard cock.Oh wow, to finally have what my cock was crying out for when I walked into the lounge was bliss. His hands were big and soft, stroking up and down slowly. My eyes closed in rapture. I was heaven with every stroke.Then Uncle Tim stopped and turned around and looked at me. "Onto the grass" his said in a husky voice.I just nodded and moved down onto the cool grass. Shoots of grass nn teen toplist went in my crack and felt god. My cock was thumping hard. Uncle Tim picked up the lotion and put squirted some in his hands"This is gonna hurt John, but I wanna make sure you enjoy yourself nude daughter topliste 100%, so no gain without pain"I nodded but didn't understand, I was just desperate for him to continue pulling my cock. toplist nudist I disregarded him saying it was gonna hurt because I was so close to an orgasm that I just wanted to get on with it.Uncle Tim kneeled down between my feet and spread the wide. OK now I was starting to hit reality, loltas top list it nn top list was weird having MY uncle Tim sitting in-between my legs so exposed and naked.He lifted my legs onto his shoulder and started to feel my ass hole. It knocked me straight back to heaven, the lotion was cool and the sensation was unlike anything I felt before.His fingers started poking inside my hole and I was rock hard again! Why was I so hard top list sex daddy from this, it was so different from jerking off, it felt xxx toplists different but oh my god it felt so good. My knees closed a little pulling uncle Tim closer and two fingers went inside, now I felt pain rip me apart but he was slowly pulling them in and out and the pain eased and became ecstasy.I saw grab his cock then move close on top of me. Ramming it into me! UH! I couldn't think it was so painfully, I groaned out loud and lifted my legs up trying to move off but before I could make a decent attempt the pain eased and the strange new pleasure came back 10 fold.Uncle Tim's body was rocking against mine as he slowly fucked me. His pubs gently rubbed up against the hair on my ass. His cock was everything in my world. Pumping in and out of my ass. The steady motion got faster and uncle Tim started sweating a lot on the forehead. Our bodies were rocking as he pumped harder and harder. I couldn't stop groaning free incest top list and grabbed two handfuls of grass. Oh YEAH! The uncle Tim started groaning two and I knew he was gonna cum soon.Then I torture toons toplist cummed all over my chest, never had I cum with such a big load, some even made it to my nipple.I was bouncing hard now, with his cock being the driving free tiny toplist force in ass. It just felt so whole nudist toplist free in there.Then I felt the cool cum seep through my ass hole and uncle Tim stopped humping almost altogether. His cock slid out of me and he lay illegal sex toplist down beside me panting."Oh John, I haven't had a fuck like that in years!""I... I..." I couldn't say no more for a while, I just kept breathing, "I loved it"Uncle Tim looked over to me and grabbed my hand, "There's plenty more where that came from. Two weeks of it actually!" He said laughing."Oh... Brilliant" was all I could say and closed my eyes trying to catch my breath. Well Guys, I hope you torture rape pics toplist like it, I have more stuff planned for teen fisting toplist the two weeks John & uncle Tim spend together, like that horse riding trip he suggested!... I would love to get some feed back from you guys, good, bad or indiffernent.... Please remember this is the first kinda story like this I wrote before, so be kind, lol... Thanx for reading.
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